Giants And Commanders Weren't Able To Shower After The Game Due To Water Heater Issue At FedEx Field

FedEx Field is still a dump.

The Washington Commanders fell to 4-7 on the season following 31-19 loss to the 2-8 New York Giants in an embarrassing loss that featured five turnovers by the Commanders. But that’s not even as embarrassing as to what happened after the game.

After the game, neither side’s players were able to shower because there was no running water at FedEx field.

A Commanders official explained the issue to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

“We had an equipment failure in the main water heater that provides hot water to the field level locker rooms. We can’t resolve the matter without completely shutting off the water to the stadium, which is why it couldn’t be repaired in game,” the official said.

Even though Daniel Snyder is no longer the owner of the franchise, the team is still dealing with some of the same embarrassing issues that marked his two decade-plus tenure as owner.

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