Chilly Gains Day 18 - Biceps and Brachioradialis


In Day 18 of the Winter Bulk program, the focus is on training the arms and forearms. The article provides a detailed workout plan to help individuals build muscle and strength in these areas.

The workout starts with a warm-up set of bicep curls, using a light weight to prepare the muscles for the upcoming exercises. The main exercises for the biceps include dumbbell curls, hammer curls, and barbell curls. Each exercise is performed with a challenging weight and proper form to maximize the benefits.

Moving on to the triceps, the workout suggests exercises such as tricep dips, skull crushers, and close-grip bench presses.


These exercises target the different heads of the triceps muscle, ensuring a well-rounded workout.

To work the forearms, the article suggests exercises like wrist curls and reverse wrist curls. These exercises help strengthen the muscles in the forearms, allowing for better grip strength and overall upper body development.

In addition to the main exercises, the article also recommends incorporating supersets and drop sets to further challenge the muscles and promote muscle growth. It is important to maintain good form and use appropriate weights to prevent injury and ensure effective training.

Overall, the focus of Day 18 of the Winter Bulk program is to target the arms and forearms for muscle and strength development. By following the suggested workout plan and incorporating the recommended exercises, individuals can achieve noticeable gains in these areas.


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