A Recap of the 2021 Tattoo Convention Contest: Part 1 presented by EPICJONTUAZON


The 2019 Tattoo Convention Contest RECAP, presented in two parts by EPICJONTUAZON, highlights the exciting events that took place at the convention. The article focuses on the first part of the recap and discusses some of the impressive tattoo artworks and artists that attendees had the opportunity to see.

The convention showcased a wide range of tattooing styles, including traditional tattoos, blackwork, and watercolor tattoos. The author highlights specific artists and their creations, praising their talent and attention to detail. One artist in particular caught the author's attention with their unique blending of traditional and contemporary styles.


Another artist's remarkable blackwork tattoos were also commended.

In addition to the tattoos themselves, the convention also featured various competitions and contests. The article provides an overview of these events, including categories such as Best Color Tattoo, Best Small-Sized Tattoo, and Best Large-Sized Tattoo. The author mentions the high level of competition, with many skilled artists vying for the top prizes.

Overall, the first part of the 2019 Tattoo Convention Contest RECAP offers an exciting glimpse into the world of tattoo artistry. From stunning artworks to fierce competitions, the convention showcased the immense talent and creativity of tattoo artists. The article concludes by teasing the second part of the recap, promising even more incredible tattoos and events to come.


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