The ONLY Exercises You Need to Look Jacked

The Only Exercises You Need to Look Jacked

"Next we move to the shoulders. If you want to get bigger shoulders you want to start your workout with a heavy overhead press. Here again, Jesse has worked up to an impressive total, especially given his bodyweight of just 150 pounds. The side lateral raises will work to round out his side delts and the face pulls will do an amazing job of building up the thickness of the rear delts."

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"When it comes to building a bigger chest you have to start with the bench press. Not because it's the best at hitting the chest through every angle it's capable of moving but rather because it can be loaded with the heaviest weight which will provide the overload needed to make it pop even in shirts. Either dumbbell or barbell bench press is great here."

"The low to high crossover is the perfect compliment to the bench press because it allows you to get the adduction needed to take the chest through its full contraction. The dips on the other hand are great for building up the lower pecs and can be weighted for additional overload."

"When it comes to looking good in any outfit, you want to be sure that your arms are developed and you are filling your shirt sleeves. Here we give you two biceps exercises and one triceps exercise but it could easily be the other way around. The selections are the alternating dumbbell curl for the biceps, which gives you a chance to focus in on one arm at a time for more concentrated development. The waiter's curl is amazing at building up the biceps peaks. The lying triceps extension is the go to exercise for building bigger triceps by building up the long head of the muscle."

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"The midsection or waistline is always best trimmed by making sure you follow a proper nutrition program, but when it comes to developing the abs you need to make smart exercise selections here as well. The power-up is an explosive option for building up the upper abs. The hanging leg raise not only hits the lower abs but the grip and forearm strength needed to perform it will benefit you in short sleeves. Finally, the gymnast ab tuck twist is awesome at hitting the obliques for a more tapered looking waistline."

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"Finally, to hit the glutes and look good from any angle you want to be sure that you are doing squats. Add onto that the barbell hip thrust and a glute ham raise and you will be creating a rounded out backside that is both easy to look at and even more importantly, functional and powerful when needed to perform."

"If you are looking to look better in everything you wear, and even when you're not wearing anything, you have to still train with intention."

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