Forget Steroids: 5 Full Body Workouts For Serious Gains!

The Muscle & Strength 5x5 Full Body Routine

The Muscle & Strength 5x5 is a very simple yet effective routine for packing on both muscle and . You will perform a limited number of exercises on each training day, and your primary focus will be to get as strong as possible on each of these lifts. Stick with this program as designed and resist the urge to tweak it. The core lifts contained in this routine are essential for overall strength and muscle gains. By getting stronger on these lifts, you will be forcing your body to get bigger. Remember to eat enough. This routine, when used properly, will work wonders for skinny guys needing to bulk up and add strength.

Training Level - Beginner. Target Group - Lifters looking to rapidly improve strength and add body weight. Can also be used as a general strength building routine, or as preparation/conditioning for a more advanced full body approach. Days Per Week - 3 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). Routine Duration - 4 to 6 months. If you experiencing exceptional results, continue using this routine as long as you'd like.

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