Castiel vs. The Empty Guardian | Jack's Lethal Encounter Sparks a Demon Connection - Supernatural Recap


In Supernatural Season 15, Episode 13, titled "Destiny's Child," there are several heated confrontations between characters. One noteworthy conflict is between Castiel and The Empty Meg.

The episode begins with Jack killing Belphegor, a demon who had possessed Jack's body. Belphegor's death causes the barrier between Earth and Hell to close, trapping all the souls inside. This event creates chaos and panic among both the living and the dead.

Meanwhile, Castiel finds himself in a difficult situation when he is confronted by The Empty Meg. The Empty is a cosmic entity that only awakens when an angel dies. In this case, Meg had died and was now being inhabited by The Empty. The Empty seeks to kill Castiel, who has cheated death on a few occasions. A battle between Castiel and The Empty Meg ensues, and it ends with Castiel killing Meg.


However, the drama does not end there. In another surprising turn of events, Jack is visited by Ruby, a powerful demon from Hell. Ruby offers to help Jack in his quest to fix the situation, but it remains unclear what her true intentions are.

Supernatural fans will not want to miss this intense episode as it unravels more of the complex relationships between the characters. With significant conflicts arising and unexpected alliances being formed, the plot thickens, leaving viewers eager for the next installment of this final season.


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