“OMGGG!”: Barely Containing Overflowing Gratitude, ‘Fangirl’ Taylor Swift’s Heartfelt Gesture Leaves Kobe Bryant’s 20YO Daughter Natalia in Awe

Los Angeles Lakers legend, Kobe Bryant is an inspiration to all. His 'Mamba Mentality' was as vicious as it sounds. The never give up attitude and the relentless desire that Kobe had to win has inspired everyone. 

American pop star Taylor Swift is also a big admirer of Kobe Bryant. Recently, Taylor Swift, out of love and respect for the family, sent a heartfelt gift for Kobe Bryant's 20 YO daughter, Natalia. This gesture by the global star has left Natalie Bryant in awe.

A special gift for Natalie Bryant: Taylor's signed album CD

The Bryant Family and Taylor Swift's relationship has a lot of history. Pop star and global star Taylor Swift is very vocal about the love she had for Kobe Bryant. Even Kobe Bryant had admitted he admired the 12x Grammy award-winning artist. 

Taylor Swift previously had sent gifts to Kobe Bryant's family as a gesture of respect and admiration towards them. Recently, the pop star sent a specialized gift to one of Kobe Bryant's daughters, Natalia. The 20YO was in complete awe as she got a signed album cd of Taylor's new album 'Speak Now: Taylor's Version'. The gift hamper also had a small personalized note written by Taylor Swift personally. 

She wrote,


"Thank you so much @taylorswift!!!


Swift had previously sent similar gifts to the Bryant family on the release of her album 'Midnights' and 'Folklore'. 

Mutual respect and encouragement: Kobe Bryant and Taylor Swift's heartwarming friendship

It was touching to see the mutual respect and encouragement between basketball superstar Kobe Bryant and pop singer Taylor Swift. Not only were they mutual admirers, but they have expressed their admiration openly and publicly. Kobe's admiration for Swift as an artist was evident in his comments praising her dedication to become better and better.

During an interview in 2019 on the Jordan Harbinger Show, Kobe publicly praised Taylor Swift by saying

"I don't care if you like her music or you don't like her music. Look at what she is doing and that is frightening stuff and it's unbelievable to be able to pull that off over and over and over. You can't have that level of consistent success and not be a killer, it's impossible,"

They have shared a deep friendship since they shared in each other's joys and helped one another through their hardships. Swift's willingness to aid Kobe Bryant's family shows once again how close they were as friends. Their special bond, built on respect and encouragement for one another, was an illuminating example of the kind of deep connections that can be made in the entertainment and sports industries.

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