Jasmine Jordan Used To Beg Her Father Michael Jordan To Buy Her Skechers: "He Would Let Me Wear Them For A Day, Then The Next Day They Would End Up In The Trash."

Michael Jordan is undoubtedly the most important person for Nike. He took the brand to the next level after signing with the brand in 1984. Jordan's love for Nike shoes was carried to his home.

Jasmine Jordan, Michael's daughter, wasn't really a fan of Nike shoes when she was young. She wanted to wear Skechers shoes during her childhood. But 'His Airness' didn't let her wear them for more than a day.

"The funny thing is, as a kid, I was rocking a lot of Skechers, which was not OK in my father's eyes," Jasmine said, per Andscape. "I used to beg him, 'Please, let me get the light-up Skechers!' Or the shoes with the wheels. He would let me wear them for a day, then the next day they would end up in the trash."

She added: "It didn't matter what pair they were. It didn't matter who bought them. If they were in his house and they were on my feet, by the next day, they were in the trash."

While she used to beg Jordan for Skechers as a kid, she got wiser after growing up and started wearing her father's sneakers.

"I definitely was in 1s a lot," she said. "And a silhouette I didn't realize I wore a lot was the 5s. I really enjoyed 5s when I was younger and the colors we did in those. I still love my 5s. But before those, I was loving Skechers."

Better late than sorry, right? Jasmine fell in love with Jordan 1s and 5s as she gained more wisdom in life. Either way, this story is more than enough to confirm Michael Jordan's loyalty to his sneaker brand.

Michael Jordan Was Initially An Adidas Guy

Michael Jordan has been associated with Nike since 1984. Over the years, the Jordan Brand has helped him in becoming a billionaire.

But initially, the Bulls superstar wasn't even interested in signing with Nike. Instead, he wanted to join Adidas.

"MJ was an Adidas guy. He loved Adidas. He wore Converse in college, but he was an Adidas man. They gave him stuff, and he loved wearing it. So, he was going to a place [Nike] he didn't even want to be," Howard White revealed.

Throughout Nike's pitch, Jordan was shown highlights of his dunks and whatnot. However, MJ maintained a poker face. Jordan was ultimately convinced to join the brand, thanks to his mother.

Today, Michael Jordan earns nearly three times more than his entire career earnings in a year with a 5% Nike royalty. If someone hears Nike, they hear Michael Jordan, such is the impact of him.

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