The Only 3 Six-Pack Core Exercises You Need to Improve Your Looks!

3 Six-Pack Core Exercises You Need

The first type of exercise is known as compression, in which you compress your ab muscles against each other, which is what most people think of when doing ab exercises. The second category is known as carrying exercises, and the last one is crawling.

1. L-Sit or Hanging Leg Raise

The L-sit is a callisthenics exercise, a bodyweight exercise in fancier wording, that will challenge your stability, strength and flexibility.

You can do the exercise with parallel bars, a dip station, on the floor or even with rings.

2. Carrying

Carrying exercises are actually the opposite of compression exercises in which you are resisting that spinal flexion of compression by staying upright or erect.

“Carrying is the best way to train the overall strength of your core,” Hash explains.

Hash doesn’t exemplify one single movement that is the best for this category, however, he does mention  farmer’s carry, barbell squat or Olympic lifts. “Anything where you have to pick up something heavy and hold it.”

3. Crawling

This category includes planks, mountain climbers, push-up variations, and basically anything that gets your hands and feet on the ground at the same time. “Crawling gives you the ability to work on all the other functions of your core,” such as rotation, resisting rotation, side bending, scapular function and more.

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