Inside the Funeral Home - the Automated Body Preservation Apparatus


An embalming machine is an essential tool used in mortuaries to preserve and prepare bodies for burial or viewing. This machine plays a crucial role in the process of embalming, which involves treating and disinfecting the deceased to slow down the decomposition process.

The embalming machine consists of a tank that holds embalming fluid, typically a mixture of formaldehyde, water, and other chemicals. This fluid is pumped into the body through an artery, while the blood is simultaneously drained from a vein. The machine regulates the flow and pressure of the embalming fluid, ensuring that it reaches every part of the body. It also helps in removing bodily fluids and restoring a natural and lifelike appearance to the deceased.


The article highlights the importance of the embalming machine in mortuaries, citing its role in preserving bodies for longer periods, allowing families and friends to have more time for funeral arrangements and viewings. Additionally, the machine prevents the spread of diseases that may have caused the person's death, making it safer for embalmers and funeral attendees.

The embalming process itself has a long history, with ancient civilizations using various methods to preserve bodies. However, modern embalming techniques and the invention of embalming machines have made the process more effective and efficient. The machine's ability to regulate flow and pressure ensures thorough preservation and greatly enhances the appearance of the deceased.

Overall, the embalming machine is a crucial tool in mortuaries, providing a means to preserve and prepare bodies for funeral services. It plays a significant role in maintaining the dignity of the deceased and providing closure for their loved ones.


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