Grey's Anatomy recap: Grey Sloan loses another doctor

The interns are definitely making their mark at Grey Sloan. Whether they are holding human hearts in their hands or finding foreign objects in their bowels, the fab five are working hard to become future rock stars of the OR. This is very convenient, considering everyone else on the hospital roster is either pretending to be sick, accused of being a baby killer or moving to Chicago.

Maggie abruptly leaves her couples therapy session with Winston when she's called to the ER to assist Amelia with a trauma patient. Considering Winston could not think of one quality he loved about Maggie, I'm guessing her time is better spent helping the bull rider who was just stepped on by a 900-pound animal.

Kwan is equally stoked and livid when Owen invites him to the helipad to assist. Bull riders are idiots who torture animals to make themselves feel more manly. It's disgusting. Ironically, no one was more surprised to learn that the rider was a young girl who begs the staff to fix her so she can get back out on the bull.

Her name is Georgia, and her insides are a mess. Both her heart and her spine need repairing, and unfortunately, Georgia's parents must decide which one to tackle first. One could paralyze her, and the other could kill her if not addressed immediately. Georgia's tough-looking cowboy daddy asks Amelia to fix her spine. He's rewarded with several eye rolls when he turns to leave.

While Kwan and Millin help prep Georgia for surgery, Adams, Griffith, and Yasuda fight over the cooler ER patients. Adams and Griffith score a guy with excruciating abdominal pain while Yasuda is stuck with a woman who is coughing. BORING.

After his scans come back clear, Griffith learns that her patient has been to five different ORs across Seattle. Richard assumes the man is trolling for pain meds, so he instructs Adams to discharge him. But Adams has a gut feeling that something is wrong and commandeers the scan room to try and figure out what's happening.

Griffith passes the time by filling Adams in on all her wedding plans, and he scoffs at the pomp and circumstance of it all. She claims that her fiancé Trey just wants to capture a moment, and that's when it occurs to Adams to put all the scans together to try and capture a gut moment. Something is there, and he convinces Richard to go in and see what's pushing through this man's intestines.

It turns out there's a toothpick in there! Why did this man swallow a toothpick? Let's not pull at that thread. The point is that Adams saved a man from agonizing pain and bonded with Griffith in the process. So much so that she invited him to be her man of honor. That's not awkward at all!

Meanwhile, Yasuda's wheezing patient may have pneumonia but doesn't have the money to miss work to get a chest X-ray. Yasuda asks Teddy if they can do the workup pro bono, and Teddy concedes, but only if Yasuda goes through the proper channels. Yasuda eventually retrieves everything she needs, only to have to convince the woman that she, too, knows what it's like not to have any money. She may look like a doctor, but she's drowning in college loan debt, and what money she does have, she sends to her parents. The woman gives in when Yasuda says paying a bill is worth it if you are alive to pay it.

Speaking of people who used to be down on their luck, Jo is struggling with rest, and questions Link about how he knew she was faking her sickness before she knew. They wade through several minutes of "I've known you so long" conversations, only to discover that they each secretly have the hots for the other. One of these days, these two crazy kids will finally earn the moniker Jink.

Back at the hospital, Maggie and Amelia fight to keep Georgia alive. At one point, they flip her from her spinal surgery to work on her heart. But, miraculously, Georgia lives, and the sisters have a private one-on-one with Georgia's mom to try and convince her to calm her husband down. Surprisingly, we learn that Georgia's dad is not pressuring his daughter to ride bulls. It's Georgia's passion, and she loves the sport wholeheartedly.

Maggie understands what it means to love something passionately that occurs in a world dominated by men. And she understands when people assume your parents are pushing you to be brilliant. As a result, Maggie plucks the courage to accuse Winston of being a coward and running from their problems. So she will leave him to think about their failed marriage while she takes a job building hearts and eating pizza in Chicago. So long, Seattle!

Finally, Bailey notices how the interns are nervous around Schmidt, which doesn't make sense in her head. She's worried that he is overcompensating for his own time as a resident and wonders if he is out of sync with who he really is as a person. Bailey reminds Schmidt that he wanted to be "the vagina" of the program – strong and hardworking. But vaginas also bring joy and life. He needs to channel the entire vagina.

This dialogue makes total sense when you consider that Grey's Anatomy has been on the air for 19 seasons. Roll with it. Schmidt invites the interns to drink at Joe's and even sits in a booth with them. No one notices Millin and Kwan sneak off for a quickie. Fun times.

Warren waits for Bailey in the car in the parking lot to pick her up from the clinic. Someone puts a flyer on his windshield that reads, "BABY KILLER" across Miranda's face. Her home address and phone number are included on the paper.

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