Emmy Multi-Nominees Dan Levy, Maya Rudolph & Others Share Their Excitement: An EW Exclusive

Dan Levy, Maya Rudolph, and other Emmy contenders open up about their multiple nominations and the recognition they are receiving for their work in the entertainment industry in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Dan Levy, known for his role as David Rose on the hit series "Schitt's Creek," has become a fan favorite and earned four Emmy nominations this year. Levy expresses his gratitude for the nominations and the recognition the show has received. He believes that the universal themes of love, acceptance, and family portrayed in "Schitt's Creek" resonated with audiences and contributed to its success.

Maya Rudolph, renowned for her versatile comedic talent, scored two Emmy nominations this year. She received nods for her guest appearances on "The Good Place" and her own variety show, "Maya Rudolph & Fred Armisen: Forever." Rudolph expresses her excitement and surprise at the nominations, giving credit to the fantastic writing and cast members she worked with on both shows.

The interview also features Josh Thomas, the creator and star of "Everything's Gonna Be Okay," who received two nominations for his heartfelt comedy-drama series. Thomas discusses how his show's focus on autism and mental health has resonated with viewers and highlights the importance of representation on television.

Anna Konkle, one-half of the creative duo behind Hulu's "PEN15," reflects on the significance of the show's nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series. She discusses how the authentic portrayal of middle school experiences in the early 2000s struck a chord with audiences and how the recognition received at the Emmy nomination is an encouragement to continue telling these important stories.

Nick Offerman, who received a nomination for his guest appearance on "Dev's," comments on the joy of being recognized for his work and describes the honor of being nominated alongside such talented actors. He also emphasizes the importance of focusing on the storytelling process rather than the outcome when it comes to awards.

Lastly, Ramy Youssef, the creator and star of "Ramy," talks about his motivations behind the show and the significance of being nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series. Youssef discusses the challenges of portraying an authentic Muslim-American experience and the importance of exploring his own personal journey through storytelling.

Overall, the article highlights the excitement, gratitude, and reflections of these multi-nominated Emmy contenders. It showcases their dedication to their craft and the impact their work has had on audiences. The nominations not only serve as recognition for their talent, but also as an encouragement to continue pushing boundaries and telling stories that resonate with a broad range of viewers.

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