Excessive Embalming: Can the Body be Over-Embalmed?


The title of the article "Can you over embalm a body?" focuses on the question of whether it is possible to embalm a body excessively. The main idea of the article is to address this query and shed light on the embalming process.

Embalming is a technique used to preserve a deceased body for a longer duration. It involves draining the body of its blood and bodily fluids, replacing them with a preserving solution, and treating the body with various chemicals. The aim is to slow down the decomposition process and restore a natural appearance for open-casket viewings.

Regarding the question of over embalming, the article explains that while it is technically possible, it is highly unlikely to occur in practice.


Embalmers are trained professionals who carefully follow a specific embalming formula based on the condition of the body. They adhere to strict guidelines and use the appropriate amount of preserving chemicals to ensure effective preservation.

The article emphasizes that over embalming can have negative consequences. Using an excessive amount of embalming fluid can cause swelling and distortion of the body, making it difficult for family and friends to recognize the deceased during a viewing. It may also lead to a longer and more invasive embalming process, potentially harming the body.

In conclusion, while it is theoretically possible to over embalm a body, the article highlights that professional embalmers follow precise procedures to avoid such mistakes. Their expertise ensures that the body is preserved adequately, giving loved ones the opportunity for a proper farewell without the risk of excessive embalming.


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