Bob Myers: Steph Curry 'Never Forced' Warriors Front Office to Make Trades, Signings

Former Golden State Warriors president of basketball operations, Bob Myers, has dismissed rumors suggesting that Stephen Curry had significant influence over front office decisions during his tenure with the team. In an interview with Tim Kawakami of The Athletic, Myers stated, "Steph Curry never forced anything. It's just not his nature." He further emphasized that while Curry valued being informed about team decisions, he never sought to exert control.

Bob Myers, who currently works as a basketball analyst for ESPN, spoke out amidst speculation that he frequently consulted with Curry regarding potential front-office moves. Myers firmly denied these rumors, saying, "You might say there's no one more deserving of (knowing) what's going on in the organization than Steph Curry...he's not a closet general manager."

During Myers' time as executive, he played an instrumental role in building the Warriors into a championship-winning team, capturing four titles alongside Curry. The most recent championship victory in 2022 included player Jordan Poole before he was subsequently traded. Myers addressed the notion that a statement he made during an appearance on NBA Countdown could be misconstrued as a factor in Poole's trade. He stated, "But if people want to take a line from 'Countdown' and make it the reason why (Jordan) Poole got traded, you know, that's fine, whatever, they can do that if they want. That's not the reality of it."

Throughout his career, Curry has been highly regarded for his leadership abilities and team-oriented mindset. Myers attested to this, acknowledging Curry's deservingness of being kept informed about team matters. Myers also expressed his admiration for Curry, stating, "If anybody deserves it, it's him, amongst every athlete I've ever encountered."

As both Myers and Curry played integral roles in the Warriors' success, their partnership was characterized by mutual respect and collaboration rather than Curry exerting control over organizational decisions. Myers dispelled any notions of Curry assuming a "closet general manager" role and emphasized that while Curry held influence, he never abused his position. The former executive’s comments shed light on the true dynamic between Curry and the front office, debunking the rumors that had circulated.

In conclusion, Bob Myers firmly refuted rumors that Stephen Curry forced decisions within the Golden State Warriors' front office. Myers praised Curry's humble nature, stating that while Curry valued being informed, he never sought to control the team's operations. The former executive's comments provide clarification on the true nature of Curry's relationship with the front office and debunk any misconceptions regarding his influence within the organization.

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