Leicester 2-2 Everton: Jordan Pickford's Water Bottle With Penalty Message Gives Toffees Lifeline!

The 29-year-old's penalty save from international team-mate James Maddison in the first half may prove crucial in Everton's bid for survival, with a major helping hand from some cunning planning. A camera close-up of the goalkeeper's water bottle by the side of the pitch picked up a graphic attached to it showing Maddison tends to go down the middle with 60% of his efforts, and to 'stay centre'.

After feigning to go left and right, Pickford did just that - and managed to bat away Maddison's penalty which as struck as anticipated. "I did my homework," Pickford told Sky Sports. "I called it this morning where I would go. "It was a big moment and I'm happy to save it - it's what I'm there for."