🔥 Faith Evans spills all: Diddy's power play over Biggie unveiled! 🎤 #juicydetails


In a recent interview, singer Faith Evans unveiled the reasons behind music mogul Diddy's desire to control the late rapper Notorious B.I.G., also known as Biggie Smalls. According to Evans, one of the motivations behind Diddy's actions was his intense drive for success. She explained that Diddy wanted to ensure that all elements of Biggie's career were handled in a way that maximized profits and maintained a high level of success.

Evans also highlighted Diddy's protective nature towards Biggie, stating that he viewed the rapper as more than just an artist. Diddy saw Biggie as his investment, someone he had groomed and supported throughout his career.


As a result, he wanted to have control over all aspects of his life, including his music, image, and public appearances.

Additionally, the article mentioned that Diddy's controlling nature extended beyond just Biggie. Evans revealed that he had a similar approach with all of the artists signed to his label, Bad Boy Records. Diddy wanted to have full creative control over their work, ensuring that it aligned with his vision and would bring in substantial profits.

Overall, the article outlined the motivations behind Diddy's desire to control Biggie's career. This included his drive for success, his protective nature towards Biggie, and his general approach to managing artists on his label.


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