RTSF 2021 - Jazz Jam - Starlit Stages


The article discusses the Shag Battle event that took place at the RTSF 2015 (Redbull Thre3style World Finals). The Shag Battle is a competition where DJs showcase their skills and battle against each other by playing their best tracks and mixing techniques. The event took place at Point Ephémère in Paris, and it was a highlight of the RTSF 2015.

The article mentions that DJ Brace, the Shag Battle champion from the previous year, returned to defend his title against other talented DJs. The competition was intense, with each DJ bringing their unique style and techniques to impress the judges and the audience.


It highlights the creativity and innovation exhibited by the DJs as they transformed and mixed different tracks, creating a vibrant atmosphere in the room.

The article also focuses on the different tactics and strategies employed by the DJs during the battle. It mentions how some DJs focused on using intricate scratching techniques, while others emphasized the importance of selecting the right songs to create memorable moments. The judges evaluated the DJs based on their technical skills, track selection, crowd engagement, and overall performance.

The Shag Battle event received a positive response from the audience, with people enjoying the incredible displays of talent and energy. The article emphasizes the importance of events like the Shag Battle in promoting and recognizing the skills of DJs and their contribution to the music industry. Overall, the Shag Battle at RTSF 2015 was a captivating event that showcased the talent and creativity of DJs from around the world.


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