Swinging to the Groove: Tanya & Sondre Rock the RTSF 2020 Ball (Saturday)


The Rock That Swing Festival 2020 held a Groovie Swing performance on Saturday, featuring Tanya and Sondre. The event was a part of the annual festival that celebrates various dance styles. Tanya and Sondre, known for their exceptional skills in swing, captivated the audience with their energetic and entertaining performance.

The Rock That Swing Festival, held in Munich, Germany, is a popular gathering for dance enthusiasts from all over the world. It showcases a variety of dance styles, including swing, jazz, and rock 'n' roll. The festival aims to promote and preserve these dance forms while providing a platform for talented performers to showcase their skills.


Tanya and Sondre, a renowned swing duo, showcased their unique style and creativity during their performance. Their routine was filled with impressive footwork, intricate partner moves, and synchronized choreography. The duo's chemistry and charisma were evident as they danced to the upbeat and lively music, leaving the audience in awe.

The Groovie Swing performance was one of the highlights of the festival, with attendees praising Tanya and Sondre for their talent and energy. The duo's exceptional skills and passion for swing were evident in every move they made on the dance floor.

Overall, the Rock That Swing Festival 2020 Groovie Swing performance by Tanya and Sondre was a thrilling and entertaining experience for all those in attendance. It showcased the beauty and excitement of swing dance while celebrating the talents of these remarkable performers.


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