Apocalyptic Inked: The Inferno City Tattoo Festival 2018


The Hell City Tattoo Festival 2018, also known as "The Apocalypse," is a popular annual event that celebrates the art of tattooing. Held in Columbus, Ohio, this festival gathers some of the world's best tattoo artists and enthusiasts for a weekend filled with creativity and entertainment.

The festival is aptly named "The Apocalypse" as it brings together a diverse range of tattoo styles and themes, reflecting the unique perspective and individuality of each artist. Attendees can witness a variety of tattooing techniques, from traditional black and grey designs to intricate and colorful pieces. It is an opportunity for both artists and visitors alike to appreciate and celebrate the creativity and skill involved in the art of tattooing.


In addition to live tattooing, the festival offers various other activities and attractions. There are tattoo competitions where participants can showcase their unique tattoos and compete for recognition. A live art fusion event brings together multiple artists to create collaborative works of art. Attendees can also browse through a wide range of tattoo-related vendors, selling everything from equipment to clothing and accessories.

The Hell City Tattoo Festival not only celebrates the art of tattooing but also promotes a sense of community and inclusivity. It provides a platform for artists to connect and share their passion with a larger audience. The festival aims to break stereotypes and showcase the beauty and diversity of contemporary tattoo art.

Overall, the Hell City Tattoo Festival 2018 promises a weekend of excitement and inspiration for tattoo enthusiasts and artists alike. It is an event that embraces the art of tattooing and celebrates its unique and individualistic nature.


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