Chilly Gains Day 99 Part 2 - Pumping Up the Arms


In this article, the author discusses their winter bulk workout routine - specifically focusing on arms. The day starts with a warm-up, consisting of three exercises: tricep pushdowns, hammer curls, and bicep curls. These exercises help to prepare the muscles for the upcoming workout and prevent injury.

Next, the author moves on to their main arm exercises. They begin with tricep dips, which target the back of the arm. This exercise is performed using parallel bars, and the author emphasizes the importance of maintaining proper form to maximize its effectiveness. Following tricep dips, the author moves on to incline dumbbell curls.


This exercise targets the biceps and helps to build strength and definition.

For the third exercise, the author performs cable curls. They recommend using a rope attachment for better grip and stability. This exercise targets the biceps and provides a good burn in the muscle. Finally, the author concludes their arm workout with hammer curls, which focus on both the biceps and forearms.

Throughout the article, the author stresses the importance of maintaining proper form and using challenging weights to achieve optimal results. They also mention the need for consistency and dedication in order to see progress. The author concludes by expressing their excitement for the progress they have made in their winter bulk journey, particularly in developing their arm muscles.


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