Lost in the Wilderness: Tom & Falcon faced their greatest nightmare... | Kindred Explorers


In this article, the writer talks about Tim and his biggest fear that recently came true. Tim, who is known to be an avid traveler, shared his story of a terrifying encounter with a hawk while hiking in the woods.

Tim, who often goes on solo adventures, was excited to explore a new trail in a nearby forest. He had heard of the beautiful scenery and wanted to capture some breathtaking photos for his travel blog. Little did he know that this trip would turn into a nightmare.

As Tim was walking through the woods, he suddenly felt a strong gust of wind and heard the screeching sound of a predator. He looked up and saw a hawk diving towards him at an alarming speed. Fear washed over him as the hawk’s sharp talons were just inches away from his face.


Instinct kicked in, and Tim quickly ducked and covered his head, hoping that the hawk would fly away. Miraculously, the hawk veered off at the last moment, narrowly missing Tim. He could feel the wind from the bird's wings as it passed by.

Being an experienced traveler, Tim had encountered various risks and dangers during his trips, but this encounter with the hawk was his biggest fear come true. He always had a fear of being attacked by wildlife, and this incident reaffirmed his anxieties.

After the incident, Tim decided to seek professional help to overcome his fear. He attended therapy sessions and gradually learned techniques to manage his anxiety. Although he may never fully conquer his fear, he has now developed coping mechanisms to continue pursuing his passion for traveling.

Tim's story serves as a reminder that even the most experienced travelers can face unexpected and terrifying situations. However, with the right support and strategies, it is possible to overcome one's fears and continue exploring the world.


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