Michael Jordan Shared A One-Word Response When Asked If He Approves Of His Son’s Relationship With Scottie Pippen’s Ex-Wife!!

The Hollywood scene has witnessed some unlikely pairings, and one such couple making headlines is Larsa Pippen, the former wife of Scottie Pippen, and Marcus Jordan, the son of Michael Jordan. Recently, they have started to open up about their relationship, prompting curiosity about how Michael and Scottie feel about it. When asked if he approves of his son's romance, Michael Jordan provided a blunt, one-word response: "No." This straightforward reaction aligns with his reputation for being honest and sometimes terse in interviews, as seen in documentaries like "The Last Dance."

TMZ caught up with Michael in Paris, where he vocally expressed his disapproval of the relationship and shook his head when asked again. This comes as a surprise considering that both Marcus and Larsa had previously indicated that the Jordan family was supportive. Larsa mentioned on Tamron Hall's show that her boyfriend's parents were fine with their relationship. Moreover, the couple recalled the moment when the Jordan family learned about their connection, with Marcus stating that his father had shown him "utmost" support. However, Michael's recent response raises doubts about those claims.

Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen initially started as friends and were first linked romantically when spotted during a "double date" in Miami. While Larsa initially denied their romantic involvement, she later admitted realizing her feelings for Marcus when she saw another girl talking to him. The public response to their pairing has been mixed, with some of Larsa's Real Housewives co-stars supporting them, while fans have shown varying levels of disapproval. In fact, one spectator even shouted at the couple during a date due to the ongoing feud between Scottie Pippen and Michael.

Scottie Pippen has openly expressed his displeasure with the documentary series "The Last Dance" and has made several negative remarks about his former teammate, Michael Jordan, including calling him a "horrible" basketball player. It remains unclear if this feud influenced Michael's stance on his son's relationship, as he has not engaged in the public spat thus far.

Speculation suggests that Michael's one-word response could be a result of him being an overprotective father or employing his characteristic sense of humor to give an answer that would generate attention. Regardless, if Michael is genuinely against Marcus dating Larsa Pippen, future family gatherings for the Jordans are likely to be interesting.

In summary, Michael Jordan's response when asked about his approval of his son's relationship with Scottie Pippen's ex-wife can be summed up as a straightforward "No." This unexpected reaction contradicts previous claims of support from both Marcus and Larsa, leaving room for speculation about the reasons behind Michael's disapproval and the dynamics within the Jordan family.

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