What Fits | Wheel Fitment Guide for GR86 & BRZ '22+


This article serves as a wheel fitment guide for the Toyota GR86 and Subaru BRZ models from the year 2022 and onwards. It aims to assist owners of these vehicles in selecting the appropriate wheels for their cars.

The Toyota GR86 and Subaru BRZ are popular sports cars known for their performance and sleek design. However, choosing the right wheels for these vehicles can be a daunting task, considering the various options available in the market.

The article begins by highlighting the importance of wheel fitment, which refers to the compatibility of the wheels with the vehicle's suspension components, brakes, and bodywork.


Proper wheel fitment not only enhances the vehicle's appearance but also determines its handling and performance.

The guide then provides information on the recommended wheel sizes for the GR86 and BRZ models. It advises owners to stick to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications for optimal performance. However, if owners wish to deviate from the OEM sizes, they should consult professionals and consider factors such as tire width, suspension modifications, and load ratings.

Additionally, the article addresses the offset, which refers to the distance between the wheel's mounting surface and the centerline.


It explains how offset affects the position of the wheels within the wheel arches and recommends staying within the manufacturer's recommended range for proper fitment.

Furthermore, the article discusses the importance of maintaining proper clearance between the wheels and various components such as suspension parts, brakes, and bodywork. It advises owners to consider factors like wheel width, tire width, and suspension modifications to ensure adequate clearance.

In conclusion, this guide emphasizes the significance of wheel fitment and provides valuable information for owners of Toyota GR86 and Subaru BRZ models from 2022 onwards in selecting suitable wheels for their vehicles.


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