Michael Jordan's Trainer Tim Grover Destroys LeBron James In The GOAT Debate Using 3 Arguments

Michael Jordan and LeBron James are probably tired of hearing the GOAT debate being discussed at this point, but it remains a huge talking point for fans. Who is better is a question that people have strong opinions about, to say the least.  

Tim Grover was the man who trained Michael Jordan during his incredible runs with the Chicago Bulls. And speaking live at an event recently, Grover explained why Jordan is clear of LeBron using just three arguments. 

"Imma give you facts right now. He's asking between MJ and LeBron," Grover said while on stage at an event. "Here we go. Three parts, alright? This thing has only happened four times in the history of the NBA. 

"In the history of the NBA. Four times. Where one player has won the scoring title, won the regular season MVP, was a first-team defensive player, led the playoffs in scoring, and won MVP in the NBA Finals. All five things. It's only happened four times in the NBA. Do you know who the four players to do it were? Jordan, Jordan, Jordan, Jordan, and Jordan."

He then said, "No. 2, if you own a pair of Jordans or have a pair of Jordans, stand up." A lot of people in the crowd stood up. He added, "If you have a pair of LeBrons on, stand up." Fewer people stood up.

"No. 3, here comes the mic drop right here. Alright? We've all heard stories about individuals getting robbed for their Jordans. Have you heard the story of anyone getting stuck up for their pair of Brons? There you go." 

In 1991, 1992, 1996, and 1998, Michael Jordan was the scoring champion of the league, was named to the All-Defensive First Team, won MVP, and then went on to win a championship and Finals MVP. This point is hard to deny. And his shoes are undoubtedly the most iconic, the man has made nearly a billion dollars off of his brand in the last five years. 

The GOAT Debate Is A Matter Of What Each Person Values The Most

Ultimately, what it comes down to is what individual fans and media members value more. Those that appreciate statistics, playmaking, and longevity, will always go for LeBron James. And there is a case there, Julius Erving once explained why LeBron making the Finals so many times is still impressive. 

But for those that value winning and never losing, as well as pure dominant scoring prowess, Michael Jordan will always be the GOAT. Objectively, Jordan does lead in a few more categories than LeBron does, but the King's career isn't over yet. This debate is sure to go on for a while to come. 

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