Body Recomposition Calculator: Build Muscle and Lose Fat

Building muscle and losing fat at the same time, known as body recomposition, is possible for most people. It requires a specific nutrition and training plan. Caloric intake should be in a slight deficit, around 200-300 calories, to stimulate fat loss while still allowing muscle growth. Protein intake should be sufficient, around 0.8g-1g per pound of body weight, to support muscle growth. Training should focus on pushing hard and providing enough volume to stimulate muscle growth. Getting enough sleep is also crucial for optimal results. Body recomposition is best suited for beginners, those who have taken a break from training, or individuals who haven't optimized their nutrition and training. However, it's important to consider personal goals and preferences as traditional bulk and cut cycles may be more effective in some cases. Results can be slow during body recomposition, so other progress markers should be used to track success.

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