10 Smartest Fighters In Film


"When it comes to fighting, power isn't everything. Tactical expertise and self-preservation often take precedence over pure strength. This is evident in various iconic characters from movies.

Take Beatrix Kiddo, also known as The Bride from Kill Bill. She is an exceptional warrior, trained by Pai Mei in various martial arts and skilled in using multiple weapons. However, she knows her limitations and constantly improvises during fights to gain an advantage. She demonstrates her unbreakable focus on the battlefield.

In Enter the Dragon, the protagonist Lee, played by Bruce Lee, faces a seemingly complex problem on the villain's private island. He smartly shatters the mirrors in a reflection room to locate the main villain easily. His solution is simple yet effective.


Elastigirl from The Incredibles possesses amazing powers, including elasticity and the ability to transform her body into a wingsuit. She is a skilled fighter but always prioritizes the safety of her children before engaging in battles.

Ellen Ripley from Alien consistently avoids being killed by using strategic intelligence and indomitable willpower. In Aliens, she defeats the Xenomorph Queen by wearing a Powered Work Loader to protect herself.

Daniel LaRusso from The Karate Kid doesn't need to fight dirty because he has tactical tricks at his disposal. He counters his opponent's move with a devastating Crane kick to the face.


Commodus from Gladiator realizes his physical limitations and tries to weaken his opponent before engaging in a fight. However, he is ultimately defeated.

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter is recognized for her prodigious intellect and plays a crucial role in the survival of the protagonists. She becomes the Minister of Magic, further highlighting her intelligence.

Trinity from The Matrix knows when to run away from fights she can't win and relies on her learning and programming talents.

Aladdin successfully fools Jafar by using his quick-thinking and street smarts, trapping the villain in a lamp.

The Landlady from Kung Fu Hustle overpowers her opponents by channeling her attack through a brass bell, demonstrating her exceptional ability."

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