Grey's Anatomy star Sarah Drew recalls how she 'induced her own labor'

Grey's Anatomy star Sarah Drew has revealed how her acting on set unintentionally induced her own premature labor.

The now 42-year-old was speaking to hosts Sean Hayes and Dr. Priyanka Wali on the HypochondriActor podcast.

The star, who played the role of Doctor April Kepner for nine seasons, revealed how a traumatic birth scene 'induced her own labor' a month early.

She said that she had initially been overwhelmed with guilt after thinking she had 'chosen her career over the safety of her baby' - but has since acknowledged that it was not her fault.

Grey's Anatomy star Sarah Drew has revealed how her acting on set (pictured) unintentionally induced her own premature labor 

Sarah said that just 10 hours after filming the birth scene (pictured) she went into labor one month early

The actress revealed that the storyline saw her character (pictured) pregnant with a child that had a fatal disease which was causing it pain

In the podcast episode, which was released on Wednesday, Sarah explained the shocking situation.

Speaking about her appearance on Season 11 of Grey's Anatomy, she said: 'I was playing a story where I was pregnant and my child in utero had a fatal disease that was causing it pain. 

'I had to do an induction termination and hold the baby while it died in my arms - and I had to shoot the delivery and death scene like when I was eight months pregnant.' 

The star continued: 'I shot that scene. You see the pain in my face and it was done sort of stylized so I wasn't coughing and pushing or whatever [but] I'm clenching in order to create what it looks like "my god, I feel like the baby's coming." 

'And then I'm holding this little animatronic baby as it like, dies in my arms.'

Shockingly, Sarah then said: '10 hours later, I went into premature labor.'

The actress, who claimed she had 'induced her own labor,' revealed that she had not been prepared at all.

And, worryingly, her newborn daughter spent 11 days in the neonatal intensive care unit over respiratory issues. 

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