The Savage Hawk's Vengeance | Kindred Adventurers


The article discusses an encounter between a hawk and a man who is out with his son. The man notices the hawk nearby, and feeling a sense of protectiveness over his son, asserts that the hawk better stay away from his boy. The man considers the hawk to be a potential danger to his child and does not want the bird to get too close. He expresses his concern by telling the hawk, "not with my boy."

The encounter between the man and the hawk highlights the instinctive need that parents feel to protect their children from potential threats. The man's reaction is a reflection of his deep love and fierce desire to keep his son safe.


As a parent, he feels a responsibility to shield his child from harm, and this encounter with the hawk emphasizes that protective instinct.

This situation also demonstrates the primal nature of the encounter between humanity and wildlife. The hawk, being a wild creature, does not have any ill intentions towards the man's child. It is simply going about its natural behaviors. However, the man's reaction reveals the instinctive fear that humans often have towards unfamiliar wildlife, especially when they perceive them as potentially dangerous.

Overall, this article highlights the innate need of parents to protect their children and the primal fear humans often have towards wildlife. The encounter with the hawk serves as a reminder of our instinctive reactions and the importance of balancing our protective nature with an understanding of the natural world around us.


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