Brian Dameris' James Harden rant: Why Bally Sports Southwest deleted viral 'you're the problem' video

The Clippers' acquisition of James Harden has not gotten off to a smooth start. The 10-time All-Star is now playing for his fourth team in four years, and he made it clear that he wanted out from his previous team, the 76ers, because he felt restricted. During his introductory press conference with the Clippers, Harden stated that he is not just a player in a system but rather the system itself.

Since joining the Clippers, the team has struggled with an 0-4 record and both their offense and defense have been faltering. This poor performance has raised concerns not only within the Clippers organization but also among those associated with other teams.

One individual who voiced his thoughts about Harden was Bally Sports Southwest NBA analyst Brian Dameris. During the broadcast of the Mavericks' recent victory over the Clippers, Dameris went on a rant about Harden, criticizing him for his blame-shifting tendencies. The clip of Dameris's rant quickly went viral, and even the network, Bally Sports, promoted it, adding the caption "Tell us how you really feel, @bdameris. Mic drop." However, the post was later deleted.

In his passionate statement, Dameris analyzed Harden's recent years in the NBA, from his time with the Brooklyn Nets as part of the Big Three to his brief stint with the 76ers alongside eventual MVP Joel Embiid. Calmly but firmly, Dameris expressed his disappointment in Harden's habit of blaming others for his lack of success.

Dameris began his rant by sarcastically praising Harden for the faith that Daryl Morey, the general manager of the 76ers, had in him. He then referenced the star players that Harden had played alongside, such as Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, and Russell Westbrook, highlighting the fact that none of those partnerships worked out.

The analyst pointed out how Harden had requested off days in order to go to Vegas, and although the team accommodated his requests, it did not lead to success on the court. Dameris concluded his critique by boldly stating, "Because, James, you're not the beard, you're not the system, you're the problem."

After generating significant attention, Bally Sports made the decision to disassociate itself from the rant and deleted the tweet containing the video. The decision to remove the tweet came from the network's executives, who claimed that the clip did not align with the values of the Mavericks organization. However, this deletion has only resulted in further criticism, as it fails to erase Dameris's statement, which had already spread across social media platforms.

It remains unclear whether there were other factors behind the deletion of the tweet. Despite the removal, the video continues to circulate online, further solidifying Dameris's remarks in the court of public opinion. Fans and viewers have expressed their disappointment with the network's decision, arguing that removing the tweet does not erase the impact of Dameris's honest and viral analysis of James Harden.

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