"I thought he was dead" - Michael Jordan's competitive fire made him tackle his son through a glass table

The sports documentary "The Last Dance" gave fans an inside look at Michael Jordan's immense competitive mindset. The man took things personally, even if he didn't need to. According to his children, Jordan's obsession with competition extended all the way to their home. Things got so intense that he tackled his son Jeffrey through a glass table while they were playing football.

Jordan injures his son

"I got a crazy story actually," Marcus Jordan recalled. "When we was little, we would play football on our knees, like tackle football on our knees with my dad, right? And so there was this one time where we were playing in their room and they had these round end tables at the end of their bed. And so Jeff was going for a touchdown, and I'll never forget it, my dad tackled Jeff into the glass table."

"Jeff hits his head table into the glass table," Marcus continued. "I thought he was dead. I mean, you could literally see the meat and skull. Me and Jasmine were terrified, we were crying. I think you had to get what 25 stitches?!"

The Jordan household might have been in a frenzy when the accident occurred. Imagine a 6'6'' man sending a child through a glass table. It's not a friendly sight but fortunately, Jeffrey was safe and sound. He really is His Airness' son, tough as nails, gets up eight times after falling down seven.

Jordan Rules

This might have been a subconscious homage to the Detroit Pistons, who were the great obstacles to his quest for a title. The rules were pretty simple: send Jordan to the ground once he gets inside the paint. And during the Bulls and Pistons' playoff duels, Jordan spent some time in the air and on the hardwood. Isiah Thomas and the crew played basketball and football at the same time.

Whatever the case may be, Jordan has competition running through his veins. Unlike actors who shed their characters before they step foot inside their homes, Jordan has a difficult time turning the switch off. When there's something to be won, whether it be a few thousand dollars or just the honor of being recognized as the victor, Black Jesus appears. And he'll never stop until he reigns supreme over his foes. 

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