31 'Grey's Anatomy' couples ranked by their chemistry

"Grey's Anatomy" has aired over 400 episodes throughout 19 seasons of television. It's technically a procedural medical drama, but it's the romance that keeps viewers coming back for more generation after generation. 

We've ranked 31 of the show's most iconic couples by their chemistry. Our ranking was sometimes influenced by the couple's storyline but mostly determined by the amount of heat we felt through the TV screen, even when the characters were simply looking at one other from across a room. 

31. Dr. Jackson Avery and Dr. Maggie Pierce were technically family

30. Dr. Izzie Stevens and Dr. George O'Malley are proof that sometimes the 'friends to lovers' trope goes wrong

29. Callie and George were outcasts who didn't fit together

28. Jackson Avery and Dr. Stephanie Edwards' relationship was just a plot device 

27. April Kepner and Matthew Taylor had the sexual chemistry of oatmeal

26. Dr. Nathan Riggs never stood a chance with Meredith Grey

25. Rooting for Callie and Dr. Penny Blake was impossible

24. Amelia Shepherd and Owen Hunt were each other's sloppy seconds

23. Dr. Andrew Deluca and Meredith were magnetic, but never magical

22. Dr. Lexie Grey and Dr. Alex Karev just distracted each other

21. We'll never know what Andrew and Maggie could've been

20. Amelia Shepherd and Dr. Atticus Linclon are a well-balanced match

19. Cristina and Owen's story is memorable, but that doesn't mean the chemistry was electric 

18. Jackson was always just a rebound relationship for Lexie

17. Catherine and Richard prove that passion has no age limit

16. Cristina Yang always deserved better than Preston Burke 

15. Dr. Teddy Altman and Dr. Owen Hunt's marriage was inevitable from the start

14. Long-distance love turned into one of a lifetime for Maggie and Dr. Winston Ndugu

13. Alex found a second soulmate in Dr. Jo Wilson  

12.  Dr. Nick Marsh makes sense in Meredith's future

11. Dr. Kai Bartley brought some much-needed spice into Amelia's life 

10. Beth and Jeremy make this list for an unforgettable reason

9. Izzie and Alex deserved their off-screen happily ever after

8. Dr. Miranda Bailey and Dr. Ben Warren are #MarriageGoals

7. Teddy's soulmate was a patient named Henry

6. Dr. Levi Schmitt and Dr. Nico Kim can't stay away from each other 

5. In an alternate universe, Denny Duquette is Izzie's one true love 

4. Not even death could keep Mark and Lexie apart 

3. Dr. Callie Torres and Dr. Arizona Robbins couldn't stay apart for long 

2. Meredith and Derek set the chemistry bar high

1. Jackson and April's chemistry is untouchable

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