The 8 Week Pull-Up Challenge to Build Impressive Muscle, Skill and Strength!

The 8 week pull-up challenge created by Alex Lorenz is divided into three. For the following 8 weeks, you switch between them as you like. “How many days a week you should do the challenge depends on your level and experience.”

For beginners, you should aim for 3 sessions a week, while more advanced people could train up to 5 days.

Workout A

In this workout, you have to multiply the maximum amount of pull-ups you can do without taking a break to 5.

For example, if you are able to do 5 pull-ups without letting go of the bar, multiply that number by 5 and you get 25. In this case, you will have to do 25 pull-ups in total in a session. If you can do 10 unbroken pull-ups, you should do 50 pull-ups in a training session.

The objective is to reach that number in the least amount of time possible. Do that by doing as many reps as possible, and when it gets hard, stop while you can still have one or two reps in the tank. Rest a little bit and go back to the pull-ups.

Workout B

In this workout, you will do 5 sets of paused pull-ups.

Add 2-second pause at 90-degree elbow positionAdd 2-second pause at the top of the movementLet yourself down normallyRepeat the process

Choose a variation of the pull-up that allows you to do 3-8 reps with 2-3 minutes of rest between the sets.

Workout C

This is a pull-up pyramid style.

Start with 1 pull-upRest 20 secondsAdd another pull-upAdd 20 seconds to the restAdd another pull-up and so on

The higher the amount of reps you do, the higher the amount of rest you will need. “The goal is to reach as many reps as possible.”

You can also do this pyramid scheme going up and down with the number of reps, or simply go up as high as possible, even if it means you are resting 4 minutes between one set and the next one.

For a full understanding of the 8 week pull-up challenge created by Alex Lorenz, watch the video below.

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