Instagram Dictates My Equestrian Journey in Just One Day! | Sponsored by This Esme

In the YouTube video "Instagram Controls My Horsey Life for 24 Hours!" by This Esme, the popular equestrian influencer lets her Instagram followers make decisions for her horse-related activities throughout the day. The video showcases a day in the life of This Esme, with her followers having the power to decide what she does and how she spends her time with her horse.

This Esme begins the video by explaining the concept and rules of the challenge. She states that her Instagram followers would be able to influence her decisions by selecting options from four different polls she would post on her Instagram story. These polls would cover various aspects of her day, such as the type of ride she would have, what she would wear, and whether she would try a new activity or not.

The first poll asks the viewers to choose between a dressage lesson or a hack in the countryside. The majority of the followers vote for a hack, so This Esme gets ready for an enjoyable ride in nature. The second poll is about her apparel, and the viewers select a comfortable and casual outfit for her to wear. This Esme then prepares her horse and sets off on her hack, exploring a beautiful countryside and sharing interesting facts about the scenery.

As the day progresses, This Esme asks for guidance on whether she should try a new activity or stick to something familiar. The majority vote for a jumping session, and This Esme happily complies. She heads to a local equestrian center where she has access to professional training facilities. This Esme discusses and shares her experience with jumping, demonstrating her skills and techniques, following the IInstagram-recommendedactiing.

The final poll involves choosing between taking a nap or having some fun with her horse. Her followers opt for fun, leading This Esme to participate in a liberty session with her horse. In this session, This Esme sets her horse free in an outdoor arena and engages in playful interactions, showcasing their strong bond and mutual trust.

Throughout the video, This Esme constantly interacts with her audience, allowing them to shape her day. She expresses her excitement and gratitude for their input, highlighting the sense of community and connection that social media platforms like Instagram can foster. The video ends with This Esme expressing her happiness with the outcome of the challenge and thanking her followers for their participation and support.

Overall, "Instagram Controls My Horsey Life for 24 Hours!" offers a unique and interactive glimpse into This Esme's equestrian lifestyle, allowing viewers to actively engage and influence her day's activities through Instagram polls. It showcases the power of social media in creating a shared experience and fostering a sense of community among horse enthusiasts.

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