Does Michael Jordan Approve of His Son Marcus Dating Larsa Pippen? He Says...

Basketball legend Michael Jordan has expressed his disapproval of his son Marcus Jordan's relationship with Larsa Pippen. When asked by a photographer in Paris if he approved of the relationship, the 60-year-old responded with a resounding "No," according to TMZ. Marcus, 32, and Larsa, 48, have been dating since January and have faced criticism due to their 16-year age gap.

In response to the criticism, Marcus stated, "I let people that are misinformed be misinformed," during an interview with E! News. He also mentioned that people often form opinions based on their last names, but as they get to know him and Larsa better, they become happier for them and just want to see them happy in their relationship. Larsa, who was previously a star on "The Real Housewives of Miami" and shares four children with her ex-husband Scott Pippen, added that she has realized that there are a few miserable people who want to spread negativity. However, she believes that most people who know them support their happiness.

Prior to publicly confirming their relationship, Marcus and Larsa were spotted having dinner at Zuma in Miami with another couple. At the time, eyewitnesses reported no obvious signs of public displays of affection. A source also mentioned to E! News that they were just friends having lunch. Now, as a couple, Marcus and Larsa have launched a new podcast called "Separation Anxiety with Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan," where they discuss their relationship dynamics. Marcus believes that age is just a number and that the maturity and life experiences of both individuals are more important in a relationship. Larsa echoes his thoughts, saying that they have similar interests and enjoy going to the same places. She doesn't see their age difference as a significant factor in their relationship.

In summary, Michael Jordan does not support his son's relationship with Larsa Pippen, citing their significant age difference. However, Marcus and Larsa brush off the criticism and focus on their happiness. They believe that their shared interests and life experiences are more critical in their relationship than age. Despite the negativity from a few individuals, they feel supported by those who truly know them.

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