See what Patrick Dempsey say to Ellen Pompeo's Shocking Grey's Anatomy Departure!


In a recent interview, actor Patrick Dempsey has responded to rumors about his Grey's Anatomy co-star Ellen Pompeo leaving the show. Dempsey, who portrayed the character of Dr. Derek Shepherd in the popular medical drama, expressed his support for Pompeo and her decision to potentially move on from the series. He acknowledged that every actor has their own journey and that it is important for them to explore different opportunities in their careers.

Dempsey also reflected on his own departure from Grey's Anatomy, emphasizing that it was necessary for him to move on and pursue other projects.


He believes that the same applies to Pompeo, and that her potential exit from the show should be respected. However, he also expressed his desire for Pompeo to stay, as her presence on the show has been integral to its success.

The actor went on to discuss the impact that Grey's Anatomy has had on both his and Pompeo's careers, stating that the show provided them with a platform to showcase their talent and gain recognition. Dempsey expressed his gratitude for the opportunities that the show has given him, and acknowledged that it has been a defining chapter in his life.

Overall, Dempsey's reaction to Pompeo's potential departure from Grey's Anatomy is one of understanding and support. He recognizes that actors need to pursue different paths in their careers, and while he hopes that Pompeo stays on the show, he respects her decision if she chooses to leave.


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