Keanu Reeves Divination Session - Severing Agreements through Tarot Cards 🔮✂️


In a recent tarot reading, Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves received a message suggesting that he should cut certain contracts in his life. The reading, done by a professional tarot reader, revealed that there are some agreements or commitments that Reeves should consider ending.

The tarot reader explained that the cards indicated that Reeves might be holding on to certain contracts that no longer serve him. It is possible that these contracts are preventing him from experiencing personal growth or hindering his professional success. By cutting these contracts, Reeves may open himself up to new opportunities and positive change.


The advice given in the tarot reading does not necessarily mean that Reeves should abruptly terminate all his contracts, but rather evaluate them and determine which ones are no longer beneficial. This could include personal relationships, business contracts, or even personal habits that are holding him back.

Reeves is known for his introspective and reflective nature, so it is likely that he will take this advice to heart and carefully consider which contracts should be cut from his life. Although it may be difficult to let go of certain commitments, doing so could lead to personal growth and allow Reeves to move forward with a renewed sense of purpose.

Overall, this tarot reading suggests that Keanu Reeves should assess the contracts in his life and consider letting go of those that no longer serve him. By doing so, he may find new opportunities and personal success on the horizon.


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