The Office's Biggest Dunder Mifflin Competitor Was Part Of An Incredibly Meta Reference


The Office Had A Product Placement Deal With 1 Of Dunder Mifflin's Competitors

The Staples references in The Office had a deeper meaningIn the show, Dunder Mifflin Paper Co. is a relatively small enterprise. As such, they can't compete with the bigger chains that also specialize in office supplies. One of the most consistent references used in The Office regarding their competition is Staples. It makes sense that a huge, real-world company such as Staples would be a threat to a business like Dunder Mifflin, but they're only mentioned so heavily in the show because of a product placement deal. Staples' arrangement with NBC meant Staples paid to appear in The Office


and have their name mentioned on air.

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The Office's product placement was good for the show but it wasn't the first arrangement of its kind. However, what makes the Staples deal so interesting is the way the company was presented in The Office.

Staples isn't the only real company to appear in The Office.


For example, Michael Scott goes to Hooters.

Why The Office's Staples Deal Is Incredibly Meta

Dunder Mifflin's enemy was one of The Office's greatest allies

Staples came out on top within the world of The Office and also in reality. However, the reason for the success in both instances differed. In The Office, Dunder Mifflin's loss of clients meant the fictional version of Staples enjoyed a financial boost. In addition, The Office's immense popularity meant that Staples' profile grew as a result of the exposure for which they'd paid.


So, as well as Dunder Mifflin's loss becoming Staples' gain, the triumph of The Office also meant a win for Staples.

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