The Unforgettable Ink Expo: Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention 2016


The Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention of 2016 was an event that showcased a wide array of talented tattoo artists from all over the world. Held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, this convention attracted tattoo enthusiasts, artists, and vendors alike.

The convention featured over 600 tattoo artists, offering attendees a diverse range of styles and techniques to choose from. Visitors had the opportunity to get inked by their favorite artists or discover new talent. The event also included tattoo contests, where artists showcased their skills in various categories such as best color tattoo, best black and gray tattoo, and best overall tattoo.


Beyond tattoos, the convention also included other forms of body art and modifications. Attendees could explore the world of piercings, body jewelry, and other alternative art forms. Additionally, there were vendors selling a variety of products related to the tattoo and body art industry.

Apart from the art showcases, the convention hosted live entertainment, including performances by sideshow acts and tattoo competitions. Attendees could also purchase merchandise and accessories related to the tattoo culture.

The Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention of 2016 was an exciting event that celebrated the creativity and talent within the tattoo community. It provided an opportunity for artists and enthusiasts to come together, exchange ideas, and appreciate the artistry behind tattooing and body modification. Whether attendees were looking to get their first tattoo or add to their existing collection, this convention offered a unique and vibrant atmosphere for all.


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