Isiah Thomas recalls seeing Dennis Rodman for the first time - "I had never seen an athlete like him"

Dennis Rodman, also known as "The Worm," was a highly unconventional and exciting player in the NBA during the 90s. Despite starting his basketball journey as a janitor and being relatively unknown, Rodman's exceptional athleticism caught the attention of Isiah Thomas, the leader of the Detroit Pistons. Thomas recognized Rodman's unique skills and praised his speed, rebounding ability, and passion for the game.

During Rodman's era, the NBA didn't typically reward players for rebounding and defense. However, Rodman changed the game by making rebounding an art form and became one of the first players to be paid for his defensive prowess. His emphasis on defense and rebounding made him a sought-after asset for championship teams.

After achieving success with the Pistons, Rodman joined the Chicago Bulls, where he found a mentor in Phil Jackson and a teammate in Michael Jordan. Together, they won three more championships. Despite his limited offensive contributions, Rodman's impact on the court was undeniable. He excelled at defending multiple positions and effectively contained some of the greatest NBA legends.

While the game basketball has evolved since Rodman's time, his legacy as one of the best rebounders and defenders of all time remains. His unique mix of talents, perseverance, and unconventional style elevated him to the status of a true legend in the NBA.

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