Frosty Gains: A Journey to Bigger Arms on Day 50 of Winter Bulking


In this article, the author discusses their experience on day 50 of their winter bulk journey, focusing specifically on arm exercises. The author shares that they have been working on increasing the size and strength of their arms through various exercises such as bicep curls, tricep dips, and forearm curls.

The author begins by describing their arm workout routine, starting with bicep curls using dumbbells. They share that they have been gradually increasing the weight of the dumbbells to challenge their muscles and promote growth. The author also mentions incorporating variations of bicep curls, such as hammer curls, to target different areas of the bicep.


Moving on to tricep exercises, the author explains that they have been doing tricep dips using a bench or chair. They explain that this exercise helps to target the muscles at the back of the arm, making them appear more toned and defined. The author also mentions including overhead tricep extensions in their routine for added variety.

Lastly, the author discusses their forearm workout, which includes forearm curls using a barbell or dumbbell. They explain that strong forearms not only contribute to the overall appearance of the arms but also provide a solid base for other upper body exercises.

In conclusion, the article highlights the author's dedication to their winter bulk journey and their focus on arm exercises. They emphasize the importance of progressively challenging the muscles and incorporating different variations of exercises to promote growth and strength.


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