Travis Kelce's Response to Taylor Swift Sporting his No. 87 Jacket at Arrowhead


Kansas City Chiefs' tight end Travis Kelce recently shared his reaction to pop star Taylor Swift wearing a No. 87 Travis Kelce jacket to her concert at the Arrowhead Stadium. Kelce, who wears the number 87 for the Chiefs, expressed his surprise and admiration for Swift's choice of attire.

Kelce referred to Swift as "a super awesome person" and expressed his gratitude, noting that it was an honor to have such a famous artist acknowledge him in this way. He went on to say that he couldn't believe she was wearing his jersey and that it was a cool moment for him as a fan of her music.

Kelce further acknowledged the significance of Swift's gesture, recognizing the impact it could have on his fanbase and the sport itself.


He mentioned that Swift's support could encourage more people to become fans of the Chiefs and even inspire young girls to pursue a career in football.

Kelce also mentioned that it was refreshing to see Swift show her appreciation for the team and players, as it's not always common for celebrities to publicly endorse sports teams. He expressed his hope that this might prompt other artists to support the Chiefs and encourage more unity between sports and music worlds.

In conclusion, Travis Kelce expressed his surprise and gratitude towards Taylor Swift for wearing his jersey at her concert. He recognized the potential positive impact this could have on his fans and the sport, and hoped that it would encourage more artists to show their support for the Kansas City Chiefs.


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