Swingin' into 2023 with Anna-Maria & Mickey: Jazzy Cats Night Extravaganza! (Friday)


RTSF 2023 is bringing an exciting event called "Hep Cats Night" on Friday, featuring Anna-Maria and Mickey. The event promises to be a night full of joy and entertainment.

The article highlights the upcoming event, stating that Anna-Maria and Mickey will be the stars of the night. They are expected to entertain the audience with their remarkable performances. The event is called "Hep Cats Night," indicating that it will have a retro theme, reminiscent of the 1950s.

The article suggests that attendees can expect a lively atmosphere and an enjoyable experience. Anna-Maria and Mickey are known for their talents and abilities to captivate the audience with their performances.


It is anticipated that they will make the night memorable with their energy and charm.

The event is scheduled for Friday, although specific details such as the location and time are not provided in the article. However, it is mentioned that the event is part of RTSF 2023, which indicates that it will likely take place as part of a larger festival or event.

In conclusion, the article highlights the upcoming "Hep Cats Night" event featuring Anna-Maria and Mickey. It emphasizes the expectation of an entertaining and fun-filled night. The event, being part of RTSF 2023, is likely to be part of a larger festival, bringing joy to the attendees.


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