Matt Damon Shared The Story Of When Ben Affleck Stood Next To Michael Jordan And Told Him He Is Not 6'6"

Michael Jordan's immense popularity made him the ultimate celebrity during his prime in the 1990s. Even after his retirement, other top celebrities will do whatever they can to meet the GOAT and love to tell stories about their interactions with him.  

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are two of the biggest actors of the last two decades, they have been in the biggest blockbuster movies. They recently collaborated while making the movie 'Air' which is about Nike signing Jordan. Both told stories of their interactions with His Airness.

Ben Affleck said, "I met him a couple of times at some kind of celebrity events in Las Vegas. Got to spend a little bit of time, you know, awestruck by the guy like everyone else."

Matt Damon added, "I met him at the golf course and then we saw him once in Las Vegas and that was a really fun interaction where Ben stood next to him and stood as tall as he could. And he looked at Jordan, who wasn't that much taller than him and Ben said, 'You're not 6'6".' 

"Because he's famously listed at 6'6". And Jordan goes, 'Yes, I am.' And Ben goes, 'Eh, maybe 6'4" and a half.' And Jordan without missing a beat goes, 'Which made what I did all the more incredible.'" Ben Affleck hilariously added, "He had a point."

That sounds exactly like something Michael Jordan would say, especially when someone else was trying to talk down about him and his height. His competitive spirit was never limited to just the court, and he is under no illusions about just how great he was and continues to be. 

Michael Jordan Had A Much More Wholesome Interaction With Leonardo DiCaprio

Michael Jordan has been famous for so long, he has likely met every massive celebrity in Hollywood by this point. But one of the more wholesome interactions he had was with Leonardo DiCaprio back in his playing days when DiCaprio had just burst onto the scene. 

The two met after a Chicago Bulls win when MJ told Leo, "I was watching Man With The Iron Face today, no, Iron Mask, and now he's here! You know what I told the guys when we stuck our hands in? All for one and one for all. I did, I'm not even kidding." To which DiCaprio responded by saying, "Congratulations. You did some beautiful stuff just now, man. That was poetic."

A lot of NBA fans, even the ones that never saw Michael Jordan play, would do anything to be able to tell a story about meeting him. For anyone that has ever even remotely been interested in the NBA, a conversation with Jordan would be the ultimate honor. 

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