1984 Cadillac Coupe DeVille - Flaked Out!

Cipie Romero, a body shop manager from Pueblo, Colorado, fell in love with a custom '84 Cadillac Coup De Ville built by a fellow club member. When he found out that the owner was selling it, Cipie knew he had to have it. After months of negotiations, the Caddy's new owner agreed to trade it in for a complete paint job. Cipie was overjoyed to become the owner and immediately began transforming it into a show-worthy car. Cipie started by adding a two-pump, four-dump Showtime suspension to the Caddy. He then embarked on his forte, a complete frame-off paint job.

Using House of Kolor Kandy Organic Green, Kandy Teal, and a custom mix of Lime Green and Silver, Cipie expertly coated the car's body in rich layers of paint. He enlisted the help of his friend Pedro for a custom mural on the trunk and Chuckie for detailed pinstriping work. The engine bay of the Caddy was stripped down and all the parts were sent to Alert Plating in Denver to be chrome-plated. Meanwhile, Raul's Autoworks in Denver worked on a full custom interior for the car, using green and white velour with buttons.

Cipie added the finishing touch with custom engraved 13-inch Masterpiece wheels, which he purchased from his friend Chuck. After six months of hard work, the transformation of the Caddy was complete. Cipie proudly displayed his new project for the first time at the Denver Lowrider Show. Inspired by his father and wanting to show his two young sons the rewards of the lowrider culture, Cipie's dedication to his car club Rollerz Only shines through in his work on "Flaked Out".

Cipie expresses his gratitude to his wife, his sons, his car club brothers, and his friends and family who supported him throughout this project. He believes that with their support, he was able to achieve the level of excellence that his car club deserves. "Flaked Out" is a stunning '84 Cadillac Coup De Ville owned by Cipie Romero from Pueblo, Colorado. It boasts a chrome-plated V8 4.1 liter engine and a custom paint job done by Cipie himself at Solano Paint & Body.

The car is coated in House of Kolor Kandy Organic Green over a silver metal flake base, with Kandy Teal and custom lime green and silver graphics. It features a two-pump, four-dump Showtime suspension, custom engraved 13-inch Masterpiece wire wheels, and P155/80R13 Cornell 1000 rubber tires. Cipie's dedication and passion for his car club Rollerz Only is evident in every detail of "Flaked Out". He hopes to inspire his sons and show them the rewards of the lowrider culture. With the support of his loved ones and the Rollerz Only community, Cipie has created a car that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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