Revved Up: Philly's Tuner Evolution 2017


Tuner Evolution, the popular car show, made its way to Philadelphia in 2017. The event, which showcases modified cars, attracted car enthusiasts from all over. The show featured a wide range of vehicles, including imports, domestics, and exotics.

The article highlights some of the top cars that were on display at the event. One standout was a modified Dodge Charger Hellcat, which sported a widebody kit and custom wheels. Another eye-catching vehicle was a Nissan GT-R with a custom wrap and a lowered suspension.

In addition to the cars, the event also included various other attractions. There were vendor booths where attendees could purchase car parts and accessories. There was also a car audio competition, where participants showcased their custom sound systems. Attendees could also enjoy live music from DJs and other artists.


The article notes that Tuner Evolution Philly 2017 was a huge success, drawing a large crowd and offering something for everyone. It concludes by mentioning that the event will continue to travel to different cities across the United States, giving car enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the show firsthand.

Overall, the article highlights the excitement and popularity of Tuner Evolution Philly 2017, showcasing some of the top cars and attractions that were featured at the event.


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