2019 Ink Extravaganza: A Recap of the Tattoo Convention Contest | Part II | EPICJONTUAZON


The article provides a recap of the 2019 Tattoo Convention Contest. This is the second part of the recap and it highlights the various events and competitions that took place during the convention. The author, EpicJontuazon, starts by mentioning the incredible talent that was on display at the convention, with tattoo artists from all over showcasing their skills. The competition consisted of different categories such as traditional tattoos, black and gray tattoos, and color tattoos.

The article goes on to describe some of the standout tattoo designs that were created during the convention. It mentions a stunning black and gray tattoo of a skull and roses, as well as a vibrant and detailed color tattoo of a dragon.


The author also mentions the judges and their role in selecting the winners of each category.

In addition to the tattoo competitions, there were also other events and activities at the convention. These included live music performances, art displays, and vendor booths selling tattoo-related merchandise. The author emphasizes the vibrant and energetic atmosphere of the convention, with attendees and artists alike coming together to celebrate their love for tattoos.

Overall, the article aims to provide a comprehensive recap of the 2019 Tattoo Convention Contest. It highlights the incredible talent of the tattoo artists, showcases some of the exceptional tattoo designs, and captures the lively and exciting atmosphere of the convention.


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