Dennis Rodman’s reply when Phil Jackson asked him if he wanted to play for the Bulls -“Honestly, I don’t give a damn”

The bitter rivalry between the Detroit Pistons Bad Boys and Chicago Bulls made it difficult for Dennis Rodman to join the Bulls in 1995 after being traded from San Antonio Spurs. A meeting with head coach Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Rodman was set up to decide his future with the team. Jackson asked Rodman to apologize to Pippen for shoving him during a 1991 incident that left Pippen with six stitches. Rodman apologized to Pippen, and the Bulls went on to win their fourth NBA championship in the last six years in 1996. Rodman was released by the team before the start of the lock-out-shortened 1999 season, while Pippen ended up getting traded to the Houston Rockets.