“Kobe Bryant Would Be Holding His Clippers Jersey”: When Shaquille O’Neal Was Shocked by Black Mamba’s Lies About ‘Dynasty’ Ending Trade

The ongoing feud between Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant eventually fractured one of the best dynasties of the modern era. The crux of the issue was Kobe's uncooperative, selfish, and overly ambitious behavior, which threatened Shaq's belief that the franchise belonged to him. After Shaq and Phil Jackson were ousted from the Lakers, Kobe denied rumors of considering a trade to the Clippers, shocking Shaq and Jackson, who knew that if Jerry Buss had extended Shaq's contract, Kobe would have left for the Clippers. Shaq left for Miami, while Kobe stayed with the Lakers and gave the franchise more love and energy. Shaq played for multiple franchises, including the Lakers' greatest rivals, the Boston Celtics, angering many Lakers fans.