Supple and fragile dermis in the funeral home


A recent article explores the issue of fluid and flaky skin in mortuaries. The author begins by recounting their experience in a mortuary, where they noticed that the skin of the deceased appeared different from what they had expected. They describe the skin as being flaky and prone to shedding, suggesting that it did not have the usual firmness and texture associated with a dead body.

The author then consults with mortuary professionals to gain a better understanding of this phenomenon. It is revealed that the fluid and flaky skin can be attributed to several factors, including the embalming process and the length of time between death and preparation of the body.


Embalming fluids can cause dehydration and changes in the structure of the skin, leading to its flakiness. Additionally, if there is a delay in preparing the body, the natural decomposition process can further contribute to the skin's condition.

The professionals interviewed provide insights into how they address this issue. They explain that moisturizing the skin using specialized products is crucial in maintaining its appearance. Some mortuaries even employ techniques such as cold room storage or using humidifiers to combat the skin's dehydration.

In conclusion, the article emphasizes the importance of understanding and addressing the issue of fluid and flaky skin in mortuaries. By adopting appropriate techniques and products, mortuary professionals can ensure that the skin of the deceased appears natural and presentable, providing comfort to grieving loved ones.


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