Hidden in the Nude and What's the Story with the Ears?


The article discusses the issue of people being buried without any clothes on, while also questioning the exclusion of the ears from being covered. The title, "Buried in the buff and what about the ears?" is referencing this dichotomy.

Typically, when individuals are buried after their demise, they are dressed in clothes as a sign of respect and decency. However, a new trend has emerged in which some people are being buried completely naked. This practice was started by an environmental movement that aims to promote natural burial, free from any synthetic materials. Advocates argue that burying bodies naked allows for a more sustainable and eco-friendly burial.


While this trend may appeal to some, others find it rather uncomfortable and inappropriate. The author highlights that many cultures and religions have specific rituals and beliefs regarding burial, including dressing the deceased. They argue that these traditions should be respected and followed, rather than shifting to a completely naked burial.

Additionally, the article raises a curious question about the exclusion of covering the ears. Although it is common for the body to be dressed in clothes, ears are often left uncovered. The reason behind this remains a mystery. Some suggest that it may be due to the belief that the deceased should be able to listen to prayers or the voice of loved ones. Others hypothesize that it could be practical, as it allows for easier identification of the deceased by their relatives.

Overall, the article explores the contrasting perspectives on burying bodies naked and raises thought-provoking questions about the traditional practices of burial.


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